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The PARCC Test: Exposed The author of this blog posting is a public school teacher who will remain anonymous. I will not reveal my district or my role due to the intense legal ramifications for exercising my Constitutional First Amendment rights in a public forum. I was compelled to sign a security form that stated […]

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Regents or RCT? Global History & Geography

Below are a series of questions take verbatim from the January 23, 2002 Global Studies RCT and the June 17, 2015 Global History & Geography Regents.

See if you can tell which is which….

1 )  What was an immediate result of the Black Death?

(1) labor shortages

(2) overseas exploration

(3) decrease in anti-Semitism

(4) improvements in medical science

2) What is an effect of European imperialism in Africa?

(1) Many African nations were created without regard for ethnic boundaries

(2) The influence of Christianity declined throughout Africa

(3) All racial discrimination ended in Africa

(4) A single, unified economy was established throughout Africa

3) The building of the Great Wall of China and the Boxer Rebellion were similar because they both

(1) resulted from a fear of foreign influences

(2) expanded Chinese territory

(3) brought more power to the Chinese war-lords

(4) increased the technological development of China

4) What was a major result of the Protestant Reformation?

(1) Religious unity in western Europe ended

(2) The power of the Catholic Church in Europe increased

(3) Islam became the predominant religion in Europe.

(4) The pope was no longer the head of the Catholic Church

5) During World War I, developments in military technology led to

(1) an early victory by the Allied powers

(2) the establishment of industrial capitalism

(3) the use of poisonous gas and submarine attacks

(4) an increase in ethnic tension in western Europe

6) The code of the samurai in medieval Japan and the code of chivalry in medieval Europe were part of which system?

(1) capitalism

(2) communism

(3) mercantilism

(4) feudalism

7) The growth of early civilizations in the Indus River valley and along the Nile River shows that the development of civilizations was influenced by

(1) the political needs of the people

(2) the desire of the people to live in cities

(3) geographic factors

(4) religious practices

8) Since the economies of many Carribbean nations depend on cash crops, these economies are greatly affected by

(1) terrorist actions

(2) changing market prices

(3) foreign imperialism

(4) labor union activity

9) After achieving independence in 1947, India adopted a foreign policy of

(1) collective security

(2) isolationism

(3) mercantilism

(4) nonalignment

10) One major reason the League of Nations failed was that it

(1) was not included in the Versailles Treaty

(2) was controlled by communist Russia

(3) frightened many nations with its large military force

(4) lacked the support of many of the major world powers during crises

11)  Which geographic feature served as a barrier to political unity and encouraged the rise of independent city-states in ancient Greece?

(1) broad plains

(2) mountain ranges

(3) navigable rivers

(4) numerous ports