Tech Co’s Vow to Protect Privacy, Duncan $36 M to Charters 10/10/2014

Highlighted education issues for the week ending October 10th.

NY state is looking to establish bi-lingual classrooms in any school district with more then 20 ELL/ESL students.

Technology companies issues a “Student Privacy Pledge” that is most interesting for the fact that it clearly states in teeny tiny type at the bottom that:

This Pledge is neither intended as a comprehensive privacy policy nor to be inclusive of all requirements to achieve compliance with all applicable federal or state laws. For more information, visit

So, we promised not to violate your child’s privacy, with our fingers crossed behind our backs.

Pearson answers keys continue to be riddled with errors.    It is frightening how sloppy Pearson is, yet how many contracts they continue to win.

SAT scores remain flat from one year to the next with the average score 1497.

A teacher in Batavia NY was forced into retirement for telling students that it was their Constitutional right to refuse to take a drug usage survey that had the students’ names preprinted on them.

NYSCOSS claim to embrace the standards, but the testing? not so much

Reports of teachers shortages in Louisiana encourages the importation of teachers from the Philippines.   “A group of Filipino teachers in Baton Rouge, La., recently won a $4.5 million lawsuit against a company that recruited them to teach in America, and then charged $7,000 or more to process their work visas and other documents, as well an ongoing percentage of their earnings.”

Arne Duncan allocated $36 million to charter schools, while public schools are enrolling unaccompanied minors, or SIFE’s Student w/ Interrupted Formal Education and struggling to figure out how to pay for it.    This is an annual problem, not a 2014 problem but is getting much more press this year because of the volume of children in such a short period of time.