Yes, Regents, There Are Problems with Algebra2

On Tuesday, December 8th, there was a very well attended meeting in Oceanside, NY on Multiple Pathways to a Diploma.  In a follow up conversation, a parent said they  raised the issue of the problem with Algebra 2, outside of the context of the forum, and Regent Tilles responded that the curriculum was fine.

Well, many parents, teachers and colleges disagree.  Kathi Gaherty-Heggers as been investigating this issue for her son for quite some time. Below is her response to Regent Tilles.


Dear Regent Tilles,
I was told that you stated last night that there are NO problems with Algebra 2 currently. This email is designed to enlighten you into the Hell in which we are living.
1. All schools are not offering same scope & sequence. Some have text books, some are using modules, some designed their own curriculum, some are teaching the old course Algebra2/trig with the hopes that both regents will be offered, some changed the course entirely.
2. The trig portion of the old course has been removed which leaves our children with 11 days of trig. All college math professors have stated that they need more than this to be successful at a college level. Our children also need to get a high score on the ACT (which has trig),  11 days won’t cut it. They need these things to go to college, they need to pass this course to go to college. All this college & career readiness talk coming from you is ACTUALLY doing the EXACT OPPOSITE. Based on the poor guidance & complete lack of judgement in redesigning this course our kids are suffering, my kid is suffering. YOU CAN’T keep making mistakes this is NOT TRIAL & ERROR! OUR KIDS ARE NOT GUINEA PIGS !!
3. Class of 2017 was taught integrated algebra in 8th grade & 9th grade with a slight introduction to common core and were given both regents exams. Looking at the data, will support my claim that they WERE NOT proficient in common core. Yet they now have to take & PASS a course completely designed with common core thought processes, problem solving and critical thinking tools that they WERE NOT taught.
4. 11th grade children all across NYS are attending community colleges to take a High School Algebra class (why because it is more inline with what they know) So kids need to go to college in order to pass a HS class so they can go to a 4 yr college. YOU SEE NO PROBLEM WITH THIS??
5. I have spoken to over 15 colleges all of which require Algebra 2/trig, problem being that is NOT the course anymore. The colleges WANT the TRIG, so what does that mean for our children? REMEDIAL MATH IN COLLEGE (if they can even get in with the current course now). The high schools are teaching Algebra 2 ..the college board wants TRIG..the colleges want Algebra2/TRIG…NCAA is looking to approve certain courses & deny others based on the name & the content of the course …so depending upon which high school you attend & how the course is designed & offered will ultimately determine if you will go to college and play a sport.. You still don’t see a problem…I hope I have enlightened you a little on the world in which we have been living for the last 3 months.
Please Address these issues with your fellow Board members and get back to me as soon as possible


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