NYS – King’s Legacy – A Dead End for High School Students.

One of the most telling legacies of King’s reign as NYSED Commissioner was the destruction of magnet HSs in NYC (and vocational programs in other areas) When I grew up in NYC in the 80s there were neighborhood high schools, and magnet schools. Bronx High School of Science demanding a high level of academics. But also Fiorello LaGuardia High School of Music and Art, the inspiration for Fame, and now a school where test scores can keep the most brilliant of our future artists and performers from attending. Aviation High School (LaGuardia, JFK and Newark airports, plus Westchester, Newburgh, MacArthur, small private airports) now a test driven shadow of its former self. And, Automotive, once a competitive, high skills high school now persistently struggling with fighting and failure becauseĀ passing five high stakes Regents exams take up more time then learning good mechanical, and highly employable, skills. That is King’s legacy.

NYC parent Lorri Gumanow

My kid is getting overwhelmed by school! 10th grade and the looming Common Core regents exams are starting to make him very anxious, irritable, and thinking that when he finishes high school he will either: 1) sleep on the couch all day, 2) be homeless, or 3) get a crappy job doing “anything.” I guess this whole push for “college and career readiness” is working really well for him. He doesn’t see a future for himself. It breaks my heart! He is starting to doubt his talent and passion, and is toying with giving up those things he is great at, to try harder in school. It sucks when the tests have been set up to fail most of our children (including mine), and they are brainwashed to believe they are failures, destined to work at jobs they hate just to earn rent money. He is only 15 years old, and he is giving up on his dreams, because he feels he isn’t good enough. And in our current school system in this country, only the tests tell you that you are good enough. There is such a disconnect in our system between what the public believes about education, and how children, teachers and parents experience it. The rhetoric is deafening!!!

Liz O’Shea Mullins – Dutchess County

It will take years for one of my children to recover from the aftermath of the storm created by John King.
I was informed by a local Psychologist that she is experiencing an increase in the number of High School Students she is treating for depression and cutting; many with similar stories regarding curriculum and assessments.
As it stands I fear this storm has not ended, it has grown stronger and the devastation will be of epic proportions.


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