Grant a Waiver for Students to Take Math RCT

Dear Board of Regents and New York State Education Department:
At the September Regents meeting, Regent Johnson raised the concern for students who were taught Algebra prior to the Common Core roll out, but who have still not passed the Algebra Regents. As of June 2015, only Common Core Regents in Algebra will be offered to students, even if they have not yet passed the exam under the previous standards. We understand that some students may be able to obtain a waiver if they have taken the prior Algebra Regents and scored between a 52 and 54 two times and meet all other criteria. Our concern is with those students who have not yet met this criteria, were not taught under the Common Core standards, and will not understand the new terminology on the new Algebra Common Core Regents. We respectfully request that an emergency regulation be passed to allow these students a waiver to attempt to pass the math testing requirement with the RCT exam while it is still offered in January and June of 2016.
Thank you


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