NYSED – Test and Punish – Punish and Test

August Regents schedule

Special education students who are struggling to graduate are punished by NYSED once again.  The Office of Assessment has scheduled mandatory to graduate Regents exams in competing time slots.  This has been going on for years, but now more parents are paying attention and we will be generating more complaints.

Students who still need to pass the Global History Regents and the Living Environment Regents are expected to start at 12:30 on August 12th,  and continue until 6:30.

SPED students with extended time are expected to work on these two tests for as long as nine hours in one day.  Yes, that is from 12:30 until 9:30 (or later if time for food and bathroom is allowed).

Has NYSED looked at the number of students who failed the CC Algebra Regents this year?

How many of those students took Algebra 1 for two years with extra support and still failed the CC Algebra Regents?

How many of those students  also failed the Living Environment and Global History Regents?

How many students with average IQs and a learning disability that that makes this type of testing too hard of a barrier to overcome?

Why are two mandatory to graduate Regents scheduled at the same time?

Why are three mandatory to graduate Regents scheduled on the same day?

If you are going to raise the bar so high for SPED students, or ELL students, or Gen Ed students who are not academically inclined, why make the conditions punitive?

Parents who call Steve Katz, NYSED Office of Assessment, have been treated rudely and transferred to Special Education. The problem is that the Office of Assessment controls the schedule.    Please join us in contacting Steve Katz and asking these questions.  518-474-5902 or steven.katz@nysed.gov

Post script:

I have received confirmation from teachers that they do have students who are looking at three make up Regents on the same day.  One teacher stated that an improvement is that students are no longer subjected to taking Regents and RCTs back to back. Student who qualified for RCTs were mandated to take the both exams until they passed one of them.  The RCTs  increased the chances of completing the requirements for graduation,  but human factors like fatigue, or how the essays were perceived, meant that it was not assured.

NYSED – Test and Punish, Punish and Test  the cycle continues.


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