The Time is Now

The Assembly caved in to Cuomo’s ridiculous education reform platforms, tying teacher evaluations to flawed, poorly written tests and a growth formula that will negatively impact too many children. As teachers will now be measured by student “growth” a teacher can be negatively impacted by teaching high achieving students because if they score near the top, there is not enough room to show “growth”. Our special education students do not stand a chance.

We will continue to see a loss of art and music in our schools. Elementary education will focus on the three “R”s while parents are marketed too that students are learning 21st century skills, like how to use a scroll bar on an iPad so that they can take more tests.

Students have already been losing the skills to succeed in the science fields as science requires the ability to be wrong. Testing does not allow for making mistakes.

Data-mining will continue. NYS currently culls 200 points of data on every student every year. There will be no privacy. Getting in trouble in school will no longer be a protected local issue, it will be store at the state level with G-d knows who having access to it.

Millions upon millions of dollars will be drained from the schools to support education corporations and what ever it is that needs to be sold next. Students will only have access to corporatized canned curriculum, and how exactly does that develop critical thinking?

We need to refuse these tests. We need to call our elected officials. We need to restore local control.

There is no time left. The time is now.


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