Tales from NJ AP and PARCC

“Just when you thought your senior students were safe from PARCC….My daughter said her AP classes are doing nothing because there are juniors and seniors. The juniors have to take turns doing the PARCC so it’s a couple weeks of nothing. They have to take AP tests in a few weeks which is WAY more important since they can get college credit. I just can’t.”

“AP classes are HUGELY interrupted by PARCC. And in my district they will be interrupted again in April because the May testing window is too short. We have to PARCC before APs (most of our students take at least one AP class) in order to meet the testing window. Teachers don’t have a choice- if 70% of your class is missing because they are taking PARCC you can’t move on without them. It’s not fair to those students and it also creates a lot of extra work for students and teachers.”

“I don’t think it’s a reflection on the teacher. They’re doing what they can with the hand they were dealt. My daughter is in three AP classes and there are too many kids missing. PLUS they can’t do any other work needed on the computers because there is not enough bandwidth for anyone else other than PARCC kids to use the computers at the same time.”

“Same problem here. The PARCC in May is also overlapping with AP exams, for which the dates had been set a year ago. Also: juniors are also taking AP, not just seniors.”

Education by bureaucracy.   Schools need to push for AP classes to enhance their “report card”.  AP students in school districts in the northeast are already at a disadvantage because they start in September and many other school districts start in August.   School districts in NJ also lost up to 8 school days because of snow.  Now add on the PARCC test where students are pulled out of AP classes so that teachers are restricted on what they can present to the remaining students in the class.

So, the educational benefit of the PARCC is????

As one student tweeted yesterday….parcc


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