Dear BOE re: Field Testing

As you know, the Board of Regents was scheduled to vote on making field testing mandatory in February.  Thanks to the efforts of parents, like myself, and school officials across the state, the Board of Regents tabled this vote and instead asked the NYS legislature for $8.4 million to publish additional versions of tests in order to increase the number of questions field tested.   The number of responses required is 2000 in order to validate a test question, and it is far more effective to have them embedded into tests so that students do not know which questions count, and which do not.
Students now know that field tests do not count for anything.   They are more likely to write nonsensical responses, particularly at the middle school and high school level.  This renders field tests useless and a waste of valuable classroom time.  I will be happy to show you tweets from students about this.  They seem to favor using song lyrics and scenes from Sponge Bob.  It also illustrates a certain level of critical thinking.
The lohud article references only 3- 8 grade testing, but the Regents memo clearly states mandating 3 -12 field testing.
As this effort did not pass, I will respectfully ask the ______ BOE to consider not participating in the Regents field tests and 3 to 8th field tests as they are clearly not mandated by NYSED at this time.
Attached is a list of schools who sent back field tests last year.

Additional information on the invalidity of standalone field testing can be found here.

Thank you,


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