The Opposite Sides of the Refusal Issue


Now, compare these tweets from the people who make a living pushing testing like, well, like it means anything, with the comments in this report on testing from the School Administrators Association of New York State (with a shout out to Schools of Thought NY)

Just a couple of highlights:

Hunter-Tannersville SD – By the third day several 3rd graders shut-down emotionally and were unable to finish the exam. Students are being given mixed messages – teachers tell students to do their best, parents tell students not to worry because the test doesn’t count for anything. Therefore, some students who did not opt out left portions of the test blank because they did not have an urgency to complete it. Special education students were distraught, and blamed teachers for making them take the test. Some students, although given double-time based on their IESs, were overwhelmed with the amount of material to read and write.

Clarkstown SD, Congers Elementary School – Some students cried, pulled out hair, had to leave testing setting to bathroom to calm down or walk in the hall.

• Clarkstown SD, New City Elementary School – The readability of the grade 3 assessment was more challenging than that of the grade 4 assessment. For students with disabilities, some started the tests and then stopped and refused to continue, some finished in 8 minutes, some filled-in the same answer for the bubble sheet. The assessments did not draw on the use of the NYS modules for teaching, students could not have been prepared for this test even by following the modules.

Victor SD, Victor Primary School – Days 1 and 2, the students were focused and strategic, a number of students were not able to complete the test and some finished in a rush. The anticipated completion times included in engageNY are unrealistic. Day 3, texts were extremely challenging. Students cried, asked repeatedly about what questions are asking – top readers had no idea as to what was being asked. Very capable students became fatigued and discontinued putting forth their best effort. One child pulled all his eyelashes out.

So, who do you listen to?  The people who make a living by pushing useless education reforms that only benefit the companies that profit from them? Or do you listen to the educators who are clearly saying there is something wrong here?

I had to update this.  served   At least the other side should be better informed about all the facets of this fight.  Below is where her buddy talks about cherry picking being a value add for the charter school model.  That is right, she is mocking us while defending the testing that is the sole criteria by which the cherry picking charter schools prove their value.


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