Cuomo and the He-Man Woman Haters Club

he man women haters

This week, the founder of New York’s Women’s Equality Party declared open war on the female dominated teaching profession.  76% of the teaching profession is comprised of college educated, certified and licensed females and Cuomo thinks they suck.

He has held education funding in New York State hostage to his plan of haveing standardized test scores count for 50% of teacher evaluations.  The same standardized tests whose proficiency cut scores are set by government officials to meet a political goal.  The same standardized tests that are supposed to tell parents “how their child is doing” yet do not give them anything but a number.  No data on where they succeeded or failed, no plan for addressing weaknesses or nurturing strengths.  The professional judgement of the teacher that is in the classroom all year with the student is meaningless next to the standardized test with the politically manipulated cut score.  And, three out of four times, that teacher with the meaningless assessment of the students in the classroom is a woman.

Cuomo, who gave us the, run by a bunch of men, Women’s Equality Party, wants to promote more equality by breaking the monopolistic teachers’ unions that gave women things like paid maternity leave and a job upon return.  It was not that long ago that pregnant teachers were given the old heave-ho rather then be able to have a career.

I guess Women’s Equality is no paid maternity leave because it is supposed to be equal so Cuomo, and his henchmen, do not qualify?  Teaching is one of the few professions that allow a woman to have quality family time and a career. Cuomo formed an “equality” party for women but things like great career that allows you quality mom time is just not equality.

So, back to being fired for daring to reproduce?

Or, maybe he wants women to have babies while teaching and cover biology, health, and scare teenage boys for life?  It would be cost efficient.

Anyway, here are some great links to the problems with Cuomo’s “pink ghetto” and “bumper sticker feminism”.


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