NYS HST Graduation Requirements and Grassroots

“My son came home and said he wants to pull his brain out of his head”

“My daughter is in 7th Grade and asked me “Why should I bother going to school?” What do I say to her?”

“We had three students drop out this year already. They were never going to get through the Regents. They gave up.”

“How do I tell my son that he probably won’t get a diploma?”

I participated in a local SEPTA meeting to review with parents what the graduation requirements are and how it will affect their children.  These are the comments that kept me up last night.

In New York State, all students now must pass a regents in Math, Science, ELA, US History and Global History & Geography in order to earn a diploma.  Special education students have the accommodation of passing with a 55.  If these students, who struggle with learning disabilities, cannot pass, the only option is to take the test again and again.  Some families are able to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on tutors to help their children get through this.  Many do not have that kind of money.

These students’ entire high school experience isn’t about learning and social experiences,  it becomes about passing  tests.

Now, thanks to NCLB, RttT and Common Core, the Regents will be even harder.  The ELA regents will go from 2000 words to 6000 words.  Math regents are now as much about vocabulary as they are about arithmetic.

No Child Left Behind is leaving these children without a future.

You do need a diploma to apply for and get a good job.  Every job does not require the knowledge tested on Regents exams.

Are you angry yet?


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