Field Testing…. sigh

One of the things that the New York State Education Department has tried very hard to keep under wraps is the field testing that goes on in the 3rd through 8th grades.

Field tests came about in the last few years because Pearson, the corporation that designs the Common Core aligned assessments for New York State, had a few problems when designing tests for the new standards.  They needed questions to test the material covered in the new standards.

The traditional way to introduce new questions was to embed them into current exams, but not score them.  Common Core standards created a demand for far more questions than they can test on a standard assessment.

The solution to this problem was to develop field tests and work with NYSED to give these field tests to New York State students during school.

Yes, that’s right, after months of test prep and as much as 18 hours dedicated to testing, New York State endorsed and aided Pearson, a for-profit company, to administer practice tests to help Pearson develop its work product at taxpayer expense, and with out parental permission.

Children are working to design the tests Pearson will be selling to New York during the school day.

Test refusal can be a difficult decision, but if we are going to get the government and the businesses driving education reform to understand that this is not acceptable, then the parents and students must refuse to take the field tests.

John King,Commissioner, NYSED, and his ilk, will make case that the field tests are needed to that NYSED can set benchmarks and cut scores.  Please remember last year’s test, and that 70% failure rate that was determined by setting the benchmarks and cut scores to produce a 70% failure rate.

Pearson and NYSED already anticipate at 10% refusal rate and are giving the tests to over 350,000 students in over 3000 districts.

Stop this cold!

Stand up for children’s education!

Refuse the field tests!

And, just to put things in perspective, there are companies that arrange focus groups made up of children and there is compensation for their work,

Not free, not condoned by the government.



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